Buffet alternatives

Serving food in a buffet is often an easy and smooth alternative
for a larger group. This option is often quicker than plated lunch
or dinner. Buffet also allows everyone to choose their own favorite options from the selection of dishes.

Buffet alternatives require pre-ordering latest 1 week before the event
for a minimum of 20 persons. Prices require coherent order, i.e., all eating the same menu. We take note to allergies and diets, but need to know them in advance.

The venue hire fee is included to the price of all our buffets,
so there will not be any added costs.

Please, don´t hesitate to contact our sales office for more information.

Here are our buffet alternatives 2022:


Green salad and red wine vinegar (l, g, v)

Halloumi, apple and cashew nuts (l, g, v)

Roasted beets, goat cheese and pine nuts (l, g, v)

Rainbow trout from Föglö, fennel-cucumber salad, eggs and créme fraîche sauce (l, g)

Duck breast (FRA) seasoned with dukkah and stocking sauce (l, g) (contains nuts)

House bread and butter (l)

Long cooked brisket, chimichurri and creamy potatoes (l, g)

Beetroot steak, chimichurri and potatoes seasoned with chipotle (l, g, v)

Schwarzwald cake (l, v)
Coffee / tea


German potato salad (l, g, v)

Green salad and red wine vinaigrette (l, g, v)

Roasted beets, feta cheese and rucola (l, g, v)

Chicken breast seasoned with thyme and lemon (l, g)

House bread (l) and butter (l, g)


Rainbow salmon from Föglö in sour cream sauce
and summer potatoes (l, g) 

Schwarzswald cake (l, v)
Coffee / tea

39 € / person


Pickled red cabbage (l, g, v)
German potato salad (l, g, v)
Green salad and red wine vinaigrette (l, g, v)
House – made bread (l) and butter (l, g)

Long cooked pork shank (FIN)
Spicy lamb sausage and chicken drumsticks (FIN) (l, g)
Mustard spiced with house apple cider (l, g)
Potatoes stewed in broth and root vegetables (l, g, v)
Beer sauce made from our Maisteri- beer (l, v)

Schwarzswald cake (l, v)
Coffee / tea

36 € / person

l = lactose free, g = gluten free, v = vegetarian, V = vegan


Choose minimum of 3 dishes to make a menu:

Shrimp skagen (l, g) 7 € / person

Rillette of smoked salmon (l, g) 7 € / person

Eggplant caviar (l, g, v) 5 € / person

Halloumi, apple and cashew- nuts (l, g, v) 7 € / person

Tapenade and hummus (g, V) 5 € / person

Tofu seasoned with Dukkah (g, V) 7 € / person

Cold cuts (Parma ham, salami) (g) 50 g / item, 7 € / person

Chicken breast marinated with thyme and lemon (l, g) 6 € / person

Sesame-marinated duck breast and wasabi sauce (l, g) 7 € / hlö

Koulu´s meat pie (l) 6 € / person

House- made bread and malt bread (l) and butter (l, g), included

Portion is ca 100 g (or 50 g) / dish / person