Buffet alternatives

Serving food in a buffet is often an easy and smooth alternative
for a larger group. This option is often quicker than plated lunch
or dinner. Buffet also allows everyone to choose their own
favorite options from the selection of dishes.

Buffet alternatives require pre-ordering latest 2 week before the event
for a minimum of 20 persons. Prices require coherent order, i.e., all eating the same menu. We take note to allergies and diets, but
need to know them in advance.

The venue hire fee is included on the price of all our buffets,
so there will not be any added costs for that.
Coffee nad tea are also included in the buffet prices.

Please, don´t hesitate to contact our sales office for more information!




Green salad (d, g, v)
Coleslaw (d, g)
Quinoa vegetable salad and raita (d, g, v)
Pickles (d, g, v)
Homemade white bread (d, v) and butter (l)
Please, choose one of the following as your main course:

House falafels, rice and sriracha mayonnaise (d, g, v) 20 € / person
Boneless chicken thigh in tarragon sauce and rice (l, g) 22 € / person
Homemade meatballs, mashed potatoes,
lingonberries and brown sauce (l) 22 € / person
Beef brisket in pepper sauce and roasted potatoes (l, g) 28 € / person
Rainbow salmon, dill potatoes,
vinegared beets and sour cream sauce (l, g) 29 € / person


Coffee / tea and sweets


Dessert can be added to the buffet, in which case
the price will be agreed separately.

Minimum order and charge for the buffet are for 20 persons.
If the number of people is less than 20 people, we can serve
dishes on a plate with a green salad and one selected main dish.
If the group size is less than 10 people, the price of the food
will be agreed separately.

Countries of origin: salmon (FI), chicken (FI), beef (FI)
l = lactose-free, d = dairy-free, g = gluten-free, v = vegan


Bacon, cabbage and potato salad seasoned with cumin (d, g)

Green salad and red wine vinaigrette (d, g)

Homemade bread (d) and butter (l, g)


Slow braised pork shank, bratwurst and boneless chicken thigh (l, g)

Roasted potatoes (l, g)

Dark beer sauce (l)

Mustard flavored with own brewery’s apple cider (l, g)


Citrus cheese cake (l)

Coffee / tea

Countries of origin: pork (FI), sausage (EU), chicken (FI)       
l = lactose-free, d = dairy-free, g = gluten-free



Choose a minimum of 3 products in addition to bread.
Portion is approx. 100 g / product / person.      

Smoked salmon mousse (d, g) 9€

Prawns seasoned with chili (d, g) 9€

Beef tenderloin and chimichurri (d, g) 9€

Schools´ falafels (d, v) 9€

Tofu seasoned with dukkah (g, v) (incl. nuts) 8€

Basil-marinated cherry tomatoes and mozzarella (g) 7€

Quinoa vegetable salad and raita (g, v) 7€

House bread (d) and butter (l, g), included


Fresh cheese-citrus cake (l) 7€ (app. 50 g)

Dark chocolate mousse and citrus salad (g, v) 7€

Coffee / tea 3 € / person


Countries of origin: salmon (FI), beef (FI)
l = lactose free, d = dairy free, g = gluten free, v = vegan