Buffet alternatives

Serving food in a buffet is often an easy and smooth alternative
for larger groups. This option is often quicker than plated lunch
or dinner. Buffet also allows everyone to choose their own favourite options.

Buffet alternatives require pre-ordering for a minimum of 10 persons. Prices require coherent order, i.e., all eating the same menu. We take note to allergies and diets, so please, let us know them in advance.

Coffee, tea and the venue rent are included in all our buffets,
so there will not be any added costs.

Please, contact our sales office for more information and do not
hesitate to ask for more choices according to your wishes.
We take note to allergies and diets, but need to know them in advance.

Here are some examples of Buffet alternatives, but
we allways plan them according to seasons and to your wishes:

For a minimum of 20 persons:

Salad buffet
Home maid bread, butter (l)

Chicken and goat cheese and chili sauce (l, g)

Citrus roasted potatoes (l, g)

Ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms, herb sauce (v, l)


Apple pie and vanilla sauce (l)

Coffee or tea

from 28 € / person

For a minimum of 40 persons:

Baltic herring spiced with herbs and garlic (l, g)
Lime juniper berry marinated salmon (l, g)
Smoked rainbow trout and tzatziki (l, g)
Teriyaki roast beef and wasabi aioli (l, g)
Sesame chicken breast, tomato apple chutney (l, g)
Smoked reindeer mousse on dark bread (l)
Egg halves and dill cream (l, g)

Salad with kale, roasted veggies and feta cheese

Pasta and bean salad (l)
Rucola potato salad (l, g)
Boiled potatoes (l, g)
House bread, dark archipelago bread and butter (l)

Overcooked entrecôte and port wine sauce (l, g)

Parmesan potatoes (l, g)

Beet root falafel and herb yoghurt sauce (l, g, v)
Salted caramel and chocolate cake and passion fruit sauce (l)
Coffee and tea

from 43 € / person