We are one of Finland’s largest brewery restaurant with an annual beer production of about 100 000 liters. The attraction is the brewery’s production advices and weekdays you can see the brewer in action.
All our beers and ciders on tap are brewed in premises.

You’ll also find on offer one of the city’s most comprehensive selection of whisky.
Our bartenders are also happy to make you a cocktail
or mocktail. With our drinks, you can also enjoy our tasty food. Our Pub is open every day of the year, including public holidays.


Here in our brewery, we brew 3 beers continuously:
Maisteri (master), Lehtori (lecturer)and
Boris Orlo pilsener. In addition to these beers, we also brew
special and seasonal beers throughout the year.

Our beers are brewed according to the old German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot from 1516, which means the only ingredients allowed in the manufacturing are water, malt, hops and yeast. They have no additives and are vegan friendly.

All our beers on tap are also available in 2 decilitre tasting portions, so you can taste them all. You can also order a beer tasting with 4 different tasting portions
for 12,50 € / person.

We also make our own cider. Traditional dry apple cider is available throughout the year. Seasonally we make ciders such as black currant and raspberry.

Our Library

Our Library is open in the evenings from Wednesday to Saturday,
except for the summer time. If you have booked a table for the evening,
it is most likely waiting for you at the Library.
There you can enjoy our tasty food along with the wide range of drinks!

At the library we serve range of premium alcohols, such as mezcal and tequilas. Our staff is happy to make you a cocktail or mocktail according to your wishes. Or why not let them surprise you!

Of course, our own brewery´s beers and ciders as well as
wines are served to accompany the food. Several wines are served
by the glass. If you have difficulties to choose just a one beer or wine, why not order a tasting portions:
tasting portions with 4 different beers or 3 different ciders
(app. 1 dl / product) for 12,50 € / person and
4  different wines for 18 € / person (4 x 8 cl).