Bellman hall

Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795) was a Swedish poet and composer who is also known as Sweden’s national poet. In his poems and songs he was a luscious, life joining proclaimer.

The Bellman hall is suitable for almost any event, besides parties and meetings, there has for example been arranged seminars, concerts and different discussions.

The roof of the hall is particulary beautiful and fanciful and the tiled stoves and platform for speaches gives the hall a historical label.

Bellman-sali lounaskäytössä

The following table arrangements are suitable in Bellman:

  • 4 long tables for 160 persons
  • 3 long tables for 120 persons
  • u-formed table, also the insides for 54 persons
  • u-formed table, just the outsides for 40 persons
  • chair rows for 150 persons