Dinner parties

Located on Brewery restaurant School’s second floor are three party facilities, Cygnaeus and Wecksell for 20-50 persons and the representative Bellman hall for 50-150 persons. The Dining room on the second floor and so the cabinets are open Mon-Thurs until 10pm and on Fri-Sat until 12pm, but in advance we can also agree for your party to last later, even up to 2am. To arrange a party in our restaurant is easy and effortless, together with the sales department you plan the servings and other arrangements. When you decide on keeping your party or dinner at the School, you don’t have to clean your home weeks in advance or bake, you just arrive to your event along with your guests and the cabinet booked for you is set as we have agreed and best of all, you don’t have to clean up after the party. Our professional kitchen prepares suitable dishes to serve for a great range of different occasions, whether we talk about gratuation parties for relatives, wedding buffets or menus, three course dinners for example doctorial dinners or different family or business events. The room rents are always included in the food servings.