Wecksell room

Josef Julius Wecksell (1838-1907) has given the name to the Wecksell room. J. J. Wecksell is considered one of the most talented Swedish speeking Finnish writers in the aftermash of the Romantic, even though only two of his works were officially given out before his mental health broke at age of 24.

In the Wecksell room one wall is full of old school  books from the time the Cygnaeus school operated in the house. Books have also  been given to us as donations.

In this cabinet we can fit parties for 20-50 persons and meetings for 15-40 persons.

Wecksell room set for meeting.

Table arrangements suitable in the Wecksell room:

  • u-formed table, seats on both sides of the “legs” 38 persons
  • u-formed table, only the outer sides 22 persons
  • diplomate table (wide) 20 persons
  • two long tables 40 persons
  • three long tables 50 persons