Autumn 2020 | From the kitchen

The Kitchen is open Mon-Thu 11-21.30, Fri-Sat 11-23.30 and Sun 13-19.00.

Lunch is served upstrais weekdays at 11- 14.00.

This menu is available weekdays after lunch from 2 pm.

Jerusalem artichoke soup: Root vegetable crisps, house bread (L)

10,00 €

Koulu´s potato wedges: beer battered onion rings and cucumber mayonnaise (L)

6,50 €

Mozzarella salad: Slightly smoked buffalo mozzarella, marinated vegetables,
rhubarb balsamic, croutons

10,00 € / 14,00 €

Club sandwich:  fillet of chicken, bacon, mayonnaise salad, salsa and potato chips (L) Also available as vegetarian option.

16,00  €

Vege-burger: beetroot patty, goat cheese, pickle and spicy paprika jam, French fries.

Also available gluten-free.

16,00 €

Brewery´s burger: beef patty spiced with smoked pork, cheddar sauce, tomato salsa,
stout BBQ- sauce, cucumber mayonnaise, French fries.  

Also available gluten free.

16,00 €

Pulled pea noisette: Garam masala, roasted cale, quinoa (L, G)

22,00 €

Brewery´s plate:  deer sausages, creamy potatoes with smoked pork and sauerkraut sautéed in apple cider (L)

Also available gluten-free.

16,00 €

Parmesan crusted Pork schnitzel (Finland): hollandaise sauce spiced with sundried tomato (L)

18,00 €

Duck leg confit:  grilled polenta, sea buckthorn sauce, root vegetables (L, G)

22,00 €

Arctic char: kaffirlime-risotto and dark fish broth (L, G)

24,00 €

Carrot cake: caramel sauce, cream cheese ice-cream (L)

10,00 €

Rocky road:  Redcurrant sorbet, white chocolate mousse (G)

10,00 €

L = lactose free, G = glutein free