Summer 2020 | From the grill

The Grill is open Mon-Sat 11-21.30. Midsummer Fri-Sun 12-19.30

Koulu’s potato wedges, beer battered onion rings and cucumber mayonnaise dip
6,50 € (L)

Club sandwich
Fillet of chicken, bacon, mayonnaise salad, salsa and potato chips
11,00 € (LL)

Brewery’s burger
Beef burger with smoked pork, cheddar sauce, tomato salsa and 
stout bbq sauce, cucumber mayonnaise dip, french fries
16,00 €

Beetroot patty, goat cheese, pickle cucumber and spicy tomato jam, cucumber mayonnaise, french fries
16,00 €

Sausage plate
Deer sausage, German style potato salad and
apple cider sautéed sauerkraut
16,00 € (L)

Mozzarella salad
Slightly smoked buffalo mozzarella, marinated vegetables, rhubarb balsamico, croutons
13,00 €

Cajun chicken hot dog
Coleslaw, orange youghurt, spicy tomato jam
8,00 € (L)

Deer sausage, french fries
6,00 € (L)

Teriyaki ribs
Coleslaw, fries, cucumber mayo
21,00 € (L,G)

Overcooked breast of beef
Deep fried potato, creamy mustard-whisky sauce,
marinated vegetables
21,00 € (L,G)

Slightly smoked salmon
Deep fried potato, marinated vegetables, crayfish mayo
23,00 € (L,G)

Home made vanilla ice cream, marinated berries, oat cookie
9,00 € (L)

L = lactose free, G = glutein free