Summer 2019 | From the grill

The Grill is open Mon-Thurs 14-21.30, Fri 14-23.30, Sat 12-23.30 and Sun 12-19.30.

Grilled Flanksteak (France), herbcarligbutter, Fried new potatoes and seasons vegetables
23,00 € (L,G)

Slightly smoked salmon and lobstersauce, fried vegetables and potatoes
23,00 € (L,G)

Pork ribs (Finland), house barbegue sauce, country fries and coleslaw
22,00 € (L,G)

Brewery’s burger (Cheddarsauce, pico de gallo tomatosalsa, and country fries)
16,00 €

Vegetable burger (Beetroot patty, kolatus goatcheese, balsamico mayonnaise, cabbage relish and fries)
16,00 € (L)

Brewery´s plate
(Spare ribs (finland/Spain) and sausage of 7 chilis (finland), poached spring cabbage, clear potatosalad)
14,00 € (L,G)

Cheese steak Hot dog
(smoked slowcooked beef brisket (france) and cheddar sauce, pico de gallo tomatosalsa)
9,00 €

Crayfishsalad and finnish archipelagobread cracker
14,00 € (L)

(vegetarian sandwich is also possible)
10,00 € (L)

School’s wedged potatoes, beer onion rings, pickled cucumber and chili mayonnaise
6,50 € (VL)

Limeposset, mango and merengue
8,00 € (L,G)

L = lactose free, G = glutein free