Autumn 2019 menu

Salmon cheviche and sweet pepper mousse, deep-fried corn bread 11,00 L, G
Beer cheese soup, pickled mushrooms 10,00 L
Finger food
Club sandwich
Fillet of chicken, bacon, mayonnaise salad, tomato salsa and chips
Koulu’s wedged potatos and beer battered onion rings, pickled cucumber, jalapeno mayonnaise 6,50 L
Main courses
Roasted pikeperch and horseradish, potato purée with browned butter 27,00 L, G
Beef sirloin steak with fried mushrooms and bacon, chipotle sauce and fried sweet potato 27,00 L, G
Lamb entrecote and over-cooked shank, balsamico sauce and goat cheese potato cake 28,00 VL, G
Fried liver and gooseberries, creamed potatoes 18,00 L
Brewery’s burger
-beef burger with smoked pork, cheddar sauce, tomato salsa and country-style French fries
Vegetable burger
– beetroot patty, goat cheese, balsamico mayonnaise, French fries
16,00 L
Brewerys plate
– pork flank, chili sausage, stewed cabbage, potato salad
14,00 L, G
Grilled seitan and vegetable ragout, potato pea croquette 18,00 L
Lemon grass brulée and licorice ice cream, white chocolate cristall 10,00 G
Oat, apple and lingonberry 10,00 L, G
Cheeses from the Market hall 11,00
L = lactose free, G = glutein free