Buffet alternatives

A buffet is often an easy and smooth alternative for groups. The buffet alternatives are only served pre-ordered.

Minimi charge 25 persons:

3 salads
House bread and butter
Corn chicken breast, harissa sauce and pearl couscous
Pulled pea and vegetables in coconut sauce
Coffee and tea

31 €/ person

For a minimum of 40 persons:

Herb garlic Baltic herring
Lime juniper berry marinated salmon
Smoked rainbow trout and remoulade
Peppered roast beef and horseradish cream
Corn chicken breast, apricot chutney
Smoked reindeer mousse on dark bread
Egg halves and dill cream
Marinated mozzarella and tomato
Ravioli salad
Rucola potato salad
Boiled potatoes
House bread, archipelago bread and butter
Pork fillet and Café de Paris sauce
Rosemary potatoes
Pulled pea and vegetables
Coffee and tea

43 €/ person