Brewery Restaurant

The old school in the centre of Turku has found a new life
as a popular restaurant, party and meeting venue.
Building completed in 1889, these premises of an old school
are now a brewery and restaurant with many private venue alternatives. The restaurant has room for over 700 customers on two floors. 
At summer time, our terrace is one of the most popular ones in Turku, beeing a large green oasis in the middle of the city.
This historical building has a unique atmosphere and decor,
which incorporates original school props.
Look out for the old school desks and teaching materials
hanging from the walls.

Brewery Restaurant School is privately owned and run by 4 gentlemen. Our laid-back atmosphere represents these guys and our staff alike. Many of our customers consider our restaurant to be their second living room.  We have many regular customers that have visited us for years. You are welcome to enjoy the real local vibe with us!

We are renowned not only for our interior and atmosphere, but also for our selection of micro brewery beers and ciders, wide range of premium whiskies and delicious food.

We are one of Finland’s largest brewery restaurants
with an annual beer production of around 100 000 liters.
All our beers and ciders on tap are brewed in the house.
Our beers are brewed according to an old German purity law,
the Reinheitsgebot dating back to 1516. This means the only
ingredients allowed in the manufacturing of the beer are water,
malt, hops and yeast. Hence our beers and ciders have no additives
and are vegan friendly.

Here in our brewery, we brew three beers continuasly:
Maisteri (master), Lehtori (lecturer)and Boris Orlo pilsener.
In addition to these beers, we also brew special and seasonal beers throughout the year. Ask for the selection when visiting us.
You can taste them all by ordering a tasting set with 4 different beers (0,2 dl) for only 12,50 € / person!

We also make our own cider that are served on tab.
Our traditional dry apple cider is available throughout the year. Seasonally we also make ciders such as black currant and raspberry. Tasting set for 3 different ciders (0,2 dl) is also possible for only
12,50€ / person.